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Quikserve Statewide Process Service

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Physically located in Bristow (Creek County), our primary service area covers all of the CREEK County zip codes within a 50 mile radius. And we have relationships with other process servers throughout Oklahoma, all 50 states and many international destinations (Through our affiliations with ServeNow & NAPPS).             
                (918) 853-7592

Fully licensed, bonded and insured, the owner and primary server is a Certified Loan Signing agent, Oklahoma Notary Public and Licensed Process Server and is Extremely sensitive to all legal requirements and Fair Debt Collection rules, the owner is an Officer of the Court, licensed and regulated as a Process Server under appointment PSS-2021-0004.
Professional, Competitive and Result-Driven. 
                          (918) 853-7592

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Our team of committed Statewide Process Servers understand the importance of your case. With experience in a wide array of cases, Quikserve Statewide Process Service will handle your legal issues with care and professionalism.
 Contact us today.
                          (918) 853-7592

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Standard Service of Process

Oklahoma Process Server, Service of Process, Process Service Oklahoma.

Our Oklahoma Process Servers have been providing professional services to large and small businesses, law firms, insurance companies and private citizens covering not only Oklahoma Court systems but, Court Systems nationwide.. 
We extend our experiences to serve clients of all types and sizes. 

Personal, Substitute and Non-Serve Affidavits
All legal documents:
SummonsPetitionComplaintDemandsSmall claimsSubpoenaDeposition noticeInterrogatoriesFinancial questionsetc
Give us a call to get started.

Contract Paper Signing

Courier Services

Quikserve Statewide Process Service has been offering Courier Services and Court Filings to our clients since 2020. Pickup and delivery of important parcels including legal documents, mail, packages, and more. Our process servers are accustomed to handling sensitive legal paperwork, so you can trust that your parcels are in good hands. 

Court filings include submitting documents to the appropriate court to supplement a legal proceeding. This is a critical step in ensuring that these legal matters are taken care of in a timely fashion. We work efficiently to meet your deadlines.

Give us a call today and see how we can help you.


Mobile Notary

Our mobile notaries will travel to you to certify the signatures on your legal documents. 
Documents that should be notarized include loans, power of attorney, deeds, and more to ensure that they are legally binding.
Mobile Notary & Loan Closing Signing
Vehicle ownership transfersWillsDocument signingMortgage loans closing packages

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What is A Process Server

Many people ask, “What is a process server in Oklahoma City?” A process server in Bristow officially serves as an officer of the court. Below are some insightful information and facts about OKC process servers.

Oklahoma Process Server Authority
According to the Title 12, Oklahoma Rules of Civil Procedure, which can be found at this link, an Oklahoma process server in OKC has the same authority as a sheriff’s deputy to deliver civil legal documents. A process server in Oklahoma City, once approved and licensed by a judge, has the very important task of delivering vital civil court documents to individuals, businesses, and governmental agencies. A process server in OKC must also acquire a bond from a private company, such as from Darryl Eppler at Sherman Humes, and the process server in OKC must always carry his or her license when out on active duty.
For a process server in Oklahoma to obtain a process server in OKC license in Oklahoma, the process server in Oklahoma City must first meet several requirements. These Oklahoma City process server requirements include the following:
A process server in OKC must be at least eighteen (18) years old.A process server in Oklahoma must be of good moral character.The process server in Tulsa, Oklahoma must be both ethically and mentally fit to serve in the capacity of an officer of the court.A process server in Edmond, OK must not have any felonies, either in Oklahoma or in another state.
Process Server in OKC QualificationsTo become a process server in Oklahoma, an individual needs to complete the following steps:
The prospective process server in OKC needs to have someone take two passport photos of himself, herself, or themselves.The process server in OKC needs to bring those passport photos, along with the appropriate fees, down to the county court clerk’s office.Once the applicant for a process server in Oklahoma license has filled out the license to become a process server in Oklahoma, which can be found here at this link, she, he or they will need to go publish a formal notice of his or her intent to obtain an Oklahoma process server license. There are special papers whereby the process server in Oklahoma City can easily pay to publish this information with the Journal Record or another official/legal newspaper. Thereafter, the prospective process server in OKC will receive a court date. The court date is usually about one month after the process server in OKC publishes her, his. Or their intent to obtain a license with a special newspaper. Some states, such as Texas, require process servers in Texas to undergo special training before applying.Then the Oklahoma process servers will also need to go and obtain a $5,000 bond, which usually only costs about fifty dollars ($50) per year.The process server in Oklahoma will then need to return a copy of the bond to the court clerk’s office, prior to his or her court date.The process server in Tulsa, OK does not actually have to go to court, but the process server in OKC may always do so. The judge normally just signs off on the license for a process server in Oklahoma City.The new process server in Oklahoma City may either come back to the court clerk’s office to pick up her, his or their process server in OKC license, or one of the court clerk’s employees will mail it out to the process server in OKC.Oklahoma Process Server LicenseWhen applying for a license as a process server in OKC, there is now just one (1) type of process server in Oklahoma license: Statewide.
Once the process server in Oklahoma obtains the statewide license, she, he, or they can serve papers on people anywhere throughout the entire State of Oklahoma. This type of license is always the best kind – and now only – kind to have. This process server in Oklahoma City license allows for flexibility, enabling an OKC process server to track down elusive people across every county in Oklahoma.
Whenever a process server OKC who is licensed statewide in Oklahoma wishes to renew her, his, or their license, the cost of a three-year statewide license and a three-year Oklahoma process server bond costs a lot but is good for three (3) times as long from here on out. After the first year, a statewide process server OKC license is good for three (3) years, and it only costs about three hundred dollars ($350). This is why it is so important for a process server Oklahoma City to take that license and go make some money with it!
Who Hires Process Servers in Oklahoma?A process server in OKC usually works for attorneys, banks, insurance companies, various other businesses, governmental agencies, private individuals, and more. Private process servers, over time, usually handle everything from child custody papers, small claims lawsuits, victim protection orders, summons, subpoenas, temporary restraining orders, etc. Getting all that wonderful business takes a great deal of the process server in OKC’s effort.
While a county will often post a process server in Oklahoma’s name to its list of process servers in OKC, that alone will simply not suffice. The list of process servers in Oklahoma City at a county clerk’s office is often very long, and just being on this list will not bring in enough income for a process server in Oklahoma City who is seeking to have a career in this field. Thus, a process server in Tulsa, Oklahoma will need to either work for an outstanding company like Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers and Private Investigators, or the process server in Ardmore, OK will need to start her, his, or their own business.
Process Server in Lawton, Oklahoma TasksDelivering papers might sound like a relatively easy task, but sometimes it is anything but a simple job! Many people do not want to have court papers served upon them, so they might try to avoid service by a process server in Enid, OK. This might necessitate that the process server Oklahoma in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma engage in any or all of the following: skip tracing, searching out different residences, talking with neighbors, searching out information about the person on the Internet, waiting and watching for the individual, tricking the person, checking for forwarding addresses with the U.S. Post Office, working with others as part of a team, and so much more. Even when doing all of this, it still may not be enough, and the person whom the process server in Altus, Oklahoma is supposed to be serving might escape without the papers. While this can prove to be frustrating for both the process server in Edmond, Oklahoma, and her, his or their client, it is not the greatest concern a process server in Tulsa, Oklahoma should have.
Sometimes people blame the process server in Stillwater, Oklahoma for the legal matter at hand. While by law a process server in OKC, OK must be a disinterested party to a case, the person getting served can sometimes get very emotional or even violent. Oklahoma City process servers tend to have to serve unpleasant news, and the people getting served sometimes forget the adage “Don’t kill the messenger.”
Process Server in Tulsa, Oklahoma SafetyA process server in McAlester, Oklahoma should always take great care to inform others as to her, his, or their whereabouts, the time she, he, or they are going, when she, he, or they expect to return and should always treat every person they are serving as potentially very dangerous. Police officers are trained to remember that they really do not have “routine” traffic stops. So, too, should a process server in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma should remain aware and ever vigilant that every person they are serving could potentially try to cause them great harm or even kill them.
Overall, a process server in Edmond, Oklahoma with a viable business can make a decent living. Those who work as a part of the dedicated staff at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers and Private Investigators try to treat each person they serve with sincere dignity and decency. Likewise, each client is given priority attention and care. Please call Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers and Private Investigators at (405) 593-3515 with any questions you may have about the process server n Lawton, Oklahoma field. An outstanding process server in OKC at our firm will happily answer your questions to the best of her, his or their ability.
Areas Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers and Private Investigators Covers:
Despite its name, Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers and Private Investigators now covers every state in the nation! Yes, we have nationwide process serving! 😊 We have a long line of local, national, and international clients from all over the world who seek out our process servers in every state, so please just send your requests to Email. However, specifically for Oklahoma, Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers and Private Investigators has a process server for the following areas:
Process Server AdaProcess Server in Ada, OklahomaProcess Server in Ada, OKProcess Server AltusProcess Server in Altus, OklahomaProcess Server in Altus, OKProcess Server AnadarkoProcess Server in Anadarko, OklahomaProcess Server in Anadarko, OKProcess Server ArdmoreProcess Server in Ardmore, OklahomaProcess Server in Ardmore, OKProcess Server BartlesvilleProcess Server in Bartlesville, OklahomaProcess Server in Bartlesville, OKProcess Server BethanyProcess Server in Bethany, OklahomaProcess Server in Bethany, OKProcess Server BixbyProcess Server in Bixby, OklahomaProcess Server in Bixby, OKProcess Server BlackwellProcess Server in Blackwell, OklahomaProcess Server in Blackwell, OKProcess Server BlanchardProcess Server in Blanchard, OklahomaProcess Server in Blanchard, OKProcess Server Broken ArrowProcess Server in Broken Arrow, OklahomaProcess Server in Broken Arrow, OKProcess Server CatoosaProcess Server in Catoosa, OklahomaProcess Server in Catoosa, OKProcess Server ChickashaProcess Server in Chickasha, OklahomaProcess Server in Chickasha, OKProcess Server ClaremoreProcess Server in Claremore, OklahomaProcess Server in Claremore, OKProcess Server ClintonProcess Server in Clinton, OklahomaProcess Server in Clinton, OKProcess Server CollinsvilleProcess Server in Collinsville, OklahomaProcess Server in Collinsville, OKProcess Server CowettaProcess Server in Cowetta, OklahomaProcess Server in Cowetta, OKProcess Server CushingProcess Server in Cushing, OklahomaProcess Server in Cushing, OKProcess Server Deer CreekProcess Server in Deer Creek, OklahomaProcess Server in Deer Creek, OKProcess Server Del CityProcess Server in Del City, OklahomaProcess Server in Del City, OKProcess Server DuncanProcess Server in Duncan, OklahomaProcess Server in Duncan, OKProcess Server DurantProcess Server in Durant, OKProcess Server in Durant, OklahomaProcess Server EdmondProcess Server in Edmond, OklahomaProcess Server in Edmond, OKProcess Server El RenoProcess Server in El Reno, OklahomaProcess Server in El Reno, OKProcess Server Elk CityProcess Server in Elk City, OklahomaProcess Server in Elk City, OKProcess Server EnidProcess Server in Enid, OklahomaProcess Server in Enid, OKProcess Server GlenpoolProcess Server in Glenpool, OklahomaProcess Server in Glenpool, OKProcess Server GroveProcess Server in Grove, OklahomaProcess Server in Grove, OKProcess Server GuthrieProcess Server in Guthrie, OklahomaProcess Server in Guthrie, OKProcess Server GuymonProcess Server in Guymon, OklahomaProcess Server in Guymon, OKProcess Server HarrahProcess Server in Harrah, OklahomaProcess Server in Harrah, OKProcess Server HenryettaProcess Server in Henryetta, OklahomaProcess Server in Henryetta, OKProcess Server HoldenvilleProcess Server in Holdenville, OklahomaProcess Server in Holdenville, OKProcess Server HugoProcess Server in Hugo, OklahomaProcess Server in Hugo, OKProcess Server IdabelProcess Server in Idabel, OklahomaProcess Server in Idabel, OKProcess Server JenksProcess Server in Jenks, OklahomaProcess Server in Jenks, OKProcess Server LawtonProcess Server in Lawton, OKProcess Server in Lawton, OklahomaProcess Server Lone GroveProcess Server in Lone Grove, OklahomaProcess Server in Lone Grove, OKProcess Server Midwest CityProcess Server in Midwest City, OklahomaProcess Server in Midwest City, OKProcess Server MariettaProcess Server in Marietta, OklahomaProcess Server in Marietta, OKProcess Server McAlesterProcess Server in McAlester, OklahomaProcess Server in McAlester, OKProcess Server MiamiProcess Server in Miami, OklahomaProcess Server in Miami, OKProcess Server MooreProcess Server in Moore, OklahomaProcess Server in Moore, OKProcess Server MuskogeeProcess Server in Muskogee, OklahomaProcess Server in Muskogee, OKProcess Server MustangProcess Server in Mustang, OklahomaProcess Server in Mustang, OKProcess Server NewcastleProcess Server in Newcastle, OklahomaProcess Server in Newcastle, OKProcess Server Nichols HillsProcess Server in Nichols Hills, OklahomaProcess Server in Nichols Hills, OKProcess Server NobleProcess Server in Noble, OklahomaProcess Server in Noble, OKProcess Server NormanProcess Server in Norman, OklahomaProcess Server in Norman, OKProcess Server in OklahomaProcess Server Oklahoma CityProcess Server in Oklahoma CityProcess Server in OKCProcess Server OkmulgeeProcess Server in Okmulgee, OklahomaProcess Server in Okmulgee, OKProcess Server OwassoProcess Server in Owasso, OklahomaProcess Server in Owasso, OKProcess Server Pauls ValleyProcess Server Pauls Valley, OklahomaProcess Server Pauls Valley, OKProcess Server PerryProcess Server in Perry, OklahomaProcess Server in Perry, OKProcess Server PiedmontProcess Server in Piedmont, OklahomaProcess Server in Piedmont, OKProcess Server Ponca CityProcess Server in Ponca City, OklahomaProcess Server in Ponca City, OKProcess Server PoteauProcess Server in Poteau, OklahomaProcess Server in Poteau, OKProcess Server Pryor CreekProcess Server in Pryor Creek, OklahomaProcess Server in Pryor Creek, OKProcess Server PurcellProcess Server in Purcell, OklahomaProcess Server Purcell, OKProcess Server SallisawProcess Server in Sallisaw, OklahomaProcess Server in Sallisaw, OKProcess Server Sand SpringsProcess Server in Sand Springs, OklahomaProcess Server in Sand Springs, OKProcess Server ShawneeProcess Server in Shawnee, OklahomaProcess Server in Shawnee, OKProcess Server SkiatookProcess Server in Skiatook, OklahomaProcess Server in Skiatook, OKProcess Server StillwaterProcess Server in Stillwater, OklahomaProcess Server in Stillwater, OKProcess Server TahlequahProcess Server in Tahlequah, OklahomaProcess Server in Tahlequah, OKProcess Server TecumsehProcess Server in Tecumseh, OklahomaProcess Server in Tecumseh, OKProcess Server The VillageProcess Server in The Village, OklahomaProcess Server in The Village, OKProcess Server TulsaProcess Server in Tulsa, OklahomaProcess Server in Tulsa, OKProcess Server TuttleProcess Server in Tuttle, OklahomaProcess Server in Tuttle, OKProcess Server VinitaProcess Server in Vinita, OklahomaProcess Server in Vinita, OKProcess Server WagonerProcess Server in Wagoner, OklahomaProcess Server in Wagoner, OKProcess Server Warr AcresProcess Server in Warr Acres, OklahomaProcess Server in Warr Acres, OKProcess Server WatongaProcess Server in Watonga, OklahomaProcess Server in Watonga, OKProcess Server WeatherfordProcess Server in Weatherford, OklahomaProcess Server in Weatherford, OKProcess Server WoodwardProcess Server in Woodward, OklahomaProcess Server in Woodward, OKProcess Server YukonProcess Server in Yukon, OklahomaProcess Server in Yukon, OK

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Standard Service

Legal matters can be intimidating and complicated, which is why it’s crucial to take an informed approach. Through this service offering, you can count on us to guide you in every step of the process.
Our Oklahoma Private Process Server will make diligent attempts to serve your documents within a timely manner.
Contact us today to get the process started. 
(918) 853-7592

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Rush Service

Over many years, our team has gained the experience and expertise necessary to make Rush Service of Process as seamless as possible. We will establish your goals and align expectations. If you have any questions, simply reach out to us.

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Nation Wide Service

Quickserve Statewide Process Service provides reliable process service and other legal services to law firms, businesses, and private individuals. Although we are based in Oklahoma, we offer our services nationwide. We are committed to our clients and strive to provide accurate and timely service each and every time. 

Process servers play a critical role in the justice system, and we handle our responsibility with the utmost dedication and professionalism. We are knowledgeable of all local and state laws that govern the process serving industry to ensure acceptable service. 

Our team works around the clock so all your deadlines are met.

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Our Technology

We utilize a process serving software that allows us to provide our clients with real-time updates on their job status. All attempts are time-stamped with GPS coordinates and relayed to our clients instantly. You can choose to receive updates through the software or we can contact you directly. 
At Quickserve Statewide Process Service our clients come first! We pride ourselves on the customer service we are able to provide.
Through this service offering, you can count on us to keep you updated in every step of the process.

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